Dance, theater training

Dance and theater training

We want to share exitement and passion for the art of dance and theatre. We want to inspire children to find their favorite hobby , or find their talent and be able to progress into a career in the adult life.

At The Norwegian Ballet School you may dance ballet, moderne, breakdance, musical dance, jazz, funk jazz, theatre and musical, and combine it all. We have different levels, once a week or several times a week, and you may join one of our student companies such as “Forestillingsgruppa Happy On Stage!” within musical and theatre, “Element Soul Crew” (ESC) within breakdance, and “VersaStyle” within moderne/jazz. We want to stimulate all your talent and potential. Dance and theatre is creative and gives you a sense of presentation in front of an audience and an inner certanty that you can perform in a way that you will enjoy for the rest of your life, in many different contexts. By challenging yourself and all aspects of your personality on class, you will find success, not just as a dancere or actor on stage, however also in life itself.

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